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Which Classic Pakistani Song Relates To You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Now


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Which Classic Pakistani Song Relates To You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Now
Ko Ko Korina

Ko Ko Korina

You're the center of attention at every party you go to. The late Ahmed Rushdi sang this classic song for the 1966 hit film Armaan. Ko Ko Koreena was picturized on Pakistani cinema’s original chocolate hero, Waheed Murad.
Payal Mein Geet Hain Cham Cham Ke

Payal Mein Geet Hain Cham Cham Ke

You're always looking for someone who can keep up with you. You’re highly intelligent and extremely passionate, With her powerful voice, Iqbal Bano weaves enchantment into this wonderful song.
Lat Uljhi

Lat Uljhi

You’re very trusting and have no problem being vulnerable with people. Sung by the Queen of Melody, Noor Jehan, for the 1966 film Sawaal. For many in Pakistan, Lat Uljhi is more than simply a song; it's a pop cultural reference.