We’ll Give You A Pakistani Song To Listen To Based On The Random Things You Choose

Pakistani Song Quiz
Source: DW, YouTube, Seeded at the Table & Samaa TV

Pakistani Song Quiz: This musical quiz will reveal the Pakistani song you should listen to, all you have to do is answer some random questions. Good Luck!

Pick a Pakistani dish.

Tell Us A Bunch Of Random Things About Yourself And We'll Guess What Your Favorite Dish Is

Pick a color.

Pink Color Food
Brown Color
Orange Color
Yellow Color
Green Color
Red color

Pick an app.

Facebook Logo

Pick a drink.

Green Tea

Pick an ice-cream flavor.

Chocolate Icecream
Vanilla Ice-cream
Pistachio Icecream

Pick a musical instrument.

Pick a country to go for a vacation.

London - England

Pick a dessert.

We’ll Give You A Pakistani Song To Listen To Based On The Random Things You Choose
Bewafa - Imran Khan

Bewafa - Imran Khan

You should listen to Bewafa by Imran Khan. You're a hopeless romantic who enjoys being around other people. You're also a music fanatic with a wide range of skills.
Baari - Bilal Saeed

Baari - Bilal Saeed

You should listen to Baari by Bilal Saeed. You never have a problem with saying things as they should be said and don't believe in mincing your words. You've gone through a lot, and you've learned from your mistakes.
Nawazishein Karam - Asim Azhar

Nawazishein Karam - Asim Azhar

Tera Woh Pyar - Asim Azhar & Momina Mushtehsan. You get along well with others, and you're very romantic. You should listen to Tera Woh Pyar Nawazishein Karam by Asim Azhar and Momina Mushtehsan.

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