Watch Video: Jamal Khan Of PML-N Mocks His Constituents & Democracy


Despite having a functioning democracy in Pakistan for the last ten years, it is no secret that the majority of those who are elected belong to powerful feudal dynasties that observe extremely undemocratic norms. However, despite the primitive mindset that rules our Parliament, one had hoped that the politicians would have the good sense to at least keep-up appearances and pretend to respect democracy. Unfortunately, it seems we were being utterly wishful.

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Former PML-N MPA and the leader of Leghari tribe in D.G Khan, Jamal Khan, decided to visit his constituency after a gap of 5 long years. The last time he had visited was in 2013 to ask for votes from his constituents. Now that elections are once again only a month away, he probably felt obligated to repeat the exercise.

However, Khan was in for a big surprise when a young man from his constituency demanded to know the reason for his absence once he became a Member of the Provincial Assembly following the 2013 elections.

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“Who do you think made this 45 km road?” retorted an agitated Jamal Khan instead of answering the young man’s question.

“Democracy gave me the road,” replied the boy defiantly.

Hearing this answer, Khan completely lost his cool. “O be quite with this rant of democracy! Democracy! I know very well what democracy is! I gave it! Yes, I gave the road!”

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The young man was however unconvinced and kept requesting for an answer to his original question. The former lawmaker responded again with arrogance, “For a single parchment of paper, the vote – and that too for the head of your tribe – you’re being so haughty and conceited!”

Undeterred, the young man did not stop demanding an answer, forcing Jamal Khan to storm off angrily.

Respect and love for the young man for standing up against the mighty and powerful.

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If merely ten years of democracy can make the locals of one of the most impoverished districts of the country hold the head of their tribe accountable, imagine the change that another decade of democracy can bring.

More strength to a democratic Pakistan!