Update On The DHA 2 Islamabad Incident In Which Man Ran Over A Resident After A Roadside Quarrel

DHA 2 Islamabad incident M. Ahmad Zubair Awan Ali Rasheed Chughtai
The man in the picture, M. Ahmad Zubair Awan, allegedly ran over a young married man after the two exchanged hot words on the road.

A few days ago, an incident of a young man running over a resident of DHA 2 Islamabad after a verbal spat on the road went viral. The CCTV footage that was posted and cross-posted across hundreds of social media handles only added to people’s shock and anger.

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The fact that the victim, Ali Rasheed Chughtai is the father of a two-month old baby girl has further left Pakistanis deeply agitated with the alleged culprit, M. Ahmad Zubair Awan.

What Bolo Jawan has learnt about the DHA 2 Islamabad Incident

Bolo Jawan spoke with a close family friend of the Chughtai family on Wednesday and learnt that Ali Rasheed Chughtai was still in the ICU with little change in his condition. “He slips in and out of consciousness and is having trouble remembering why and how he ended up in the hospital,” it was shared.

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On the other hand, M. Ahmad Zubair Awan, after going into hiding was finally brought back to Islamabad. He is currently on bail and not behind the bars as speculated on social media.

A mafi-nama might be in the offering

As per another source an out-of-court settlement has been reached between the two families and will soon be announced.

However, this has been denied to those close to the victim’s family.

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  1. I personally know the culprit you’ve shown in the picture (unfortunately) and M.Ahmad is not even his name. The incident might be true but the name used here is false. Please verify facts before you make them go viral like that.

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