This Quiz Will Reveal Which Pakistani Politician Matches Your Personality The Most

pakitani politician quiz
Source: Pakistan 360

If you’ve ever wondered which Pakistani politician is most like you, this quiz will finally put your curiosity to rest!

Let's start with something basic! Pick your kinda meal.

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How paranoid are you generally?

As in do you have major trust issues or often view your friends with suspicion?
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What do you look for in your friends?

Your views on provincial autonomy...?

How do you react when provoked?

pakistani politician quiz

What's your political ideology most like?

Pick your poison...

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Pick a color!


Your vibe is...


Finally, if you had a billion dollars, how would you use them?

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Pakistani Politician Matches Your Personality The Most
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

bilawal sindhu desh speech

Seems like you're a Bhutto! Your liberal views often win you love but if you want to lead, you can't be all talk and no action. Your fans won't line-up around you forever if you don't have the intention to actually bring the change you keep promising.
Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif london

You might not be very articulate but you more than make-up for that with your knack for swift actions. You also know the art of keeping your awaam just about enough happy to vote you back in the next elections!
Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain's arrest

You've lost relevance and it's taken a toll on your mental health. Seek professional help as soon as possible!
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad pakistani politicians

You're what they call a charhtay suraj ka pujari. You loyalties change with the changing regimes. You're probably also a loud attention seeker!
Imran Khan

imran khan press conference covid

First and foremost you're an orator; people want to hear you talk. your energy is contagious but you often don't have a plan to walk your talk, which often leaves your followers disgruntled.