This Quiz Will Reveal If You’re A Happy Or A Sad Soul

sajal aly happy sad
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What’s your mood?!

Does going to the movies cheer you up?

mahira khan bilal ashraf

How often are you hit by nostalgia?

shehnaz sheikh tanhaiyaan

Do you wake up ready to take on the day?

Sleeping Myths iqra aziz sleeping

Do you see yourself as an optimist?

faysal quraishi

How would your friends describe you?

toxic friends sajal ali zara noor abbas

Do you celebrate your success?

Do you feel too old for certain things you had planned for yourself?

adnan siddiqui

This Quiz Will Reveal If You're A Happy Or A Sad Soul
You are a happy person and you know it! You live in the moment and try your best to enjoy every minute of your life.
You just get sad out of nowhere randomly. You think too much and end up being unhappy about the stuff you had done ages ago!

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