These Random Questions Will Reveal The Pakistani Dessert That Defines You

Pakistani Dessert Quiz
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This sweet quiz will reveal the Pakistani dessert that defines you the most, all you have to do is answer these 10 questions.

Choose an aesthetic.

Beautiful Aesthetics
Beautiful Aesthetics
Beautiful Aesthetics

What do you do on a Friday night?

Sleeping Myths iqra aziz sleeping

Choose an animal.

Killer Whale
Killer Whale

Choose a location.

London - England
Beautiful City
Beautiful Cities

Choose a superpower.

Super Heroes
Speed Lights
Headless man

Choose a sweet food.

Easy-To-Cook Pakistani Desserts

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Common Mobile Phone Habits That Show You Are In Love

Choose a chocolate food.

Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Icecream

Choose your ideal bedroom.


Time to go shopping! What are you going to buy?


These Random Questions Will Reveal The Pakistani Dessert That Defines You

You have a lot of experience. People either adore or despise you, but you don't mind since you're happy with yourself! You're self-assured and don't let your emotions rule your life.
Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa (Gajrela)

You're comforting and warm! You're the type of person who would go above and beyond to assist a friend in distress. You always put others ahead of yourself and never want anything in return.
Gulab Jamun

You're one of the all-time greats! You can come on a little too strong at times, but those who care about you can see past that to the genuine you! You're amusing and fascinated by the world around you.

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