Public Cries “Above The Law” As Tariq Bashir Cheema & Family Get Vaccine Shots Out Of Turn At Home

Tariq Cheema vaccine shots
Image Source: Nawal Cheema's Instagram

PML-Q leader and Federal Minister for Housing and Works, Tariq Bashir Cheema is under fire for using his influence to get him and his family vaccine shots out of turn and at home.

The issue came to light when Cheema’s daughter, Nawal Tariq Cheema recorded the whole event and put that up on her Instagram profile. Although the video has now been deleted it is still there on the internet.

Have a look at it here:

What’s weirder is that most of the people at his home who are being vaccinated are under the age of 60, even though Pakistan is registering people of that age and above only.

Well, can somebody please answer how on earth did that happen, and why, and under whose watch?


Oh also, the drama just doesn’t end here…not only did the family get vaccinated at home, but they also got their acquaintances vaccinated. Actor and tv show host, Iffat Omar was there at the occasion, too.

Netizens are calling them out saying that are the rest of the citizens less privileged or what?

What’s funny is that his daughter put up the proof herself, so there’s literally no going back, or refuting the allegations, say some.

However, there’s an interesting twist to it… Mr. Tariq Cheema refuted the allegations claiming the vaccine shots were a trial from the University of Health Sciences (UHS). He added that the accusations are baseless and untrue.

Bolo Jawan tried reaching out to officials at UHS, but the number was unresponsive at the time of filing this report.