This Woman, Syeda Ooje Fatima Rizvi Is Providing Free Of Cost Homemade Food To COVID-19 Patients & Atta Girl

Ooje Fatima free food
Image Source: Facebook

Syeda Ooje Fatima Rizvi is a woman from Lahore who has been providing free of cost food to COVID-19 patients since June last year, and she deserves all the recognition and praise for it.

Ooje Fatima free food
Image Source: Facebook

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The pandemic has been hard for many families. With lockdowns being imposed in the country, to people losing their jobs due to mass lay-offs in companies, people have had a hard time fending for themselves and their families.

In these distressing times, Fatima took a brave step to help those in need. She put out a message on her Facebook profile to reach out to families infected with the virus.

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This lady from Lahore communicated to the natives of her city that if they’re down with the virus, or are feeling weak due to the ailment, she’s there to provide homemade food to their doorsteps. Every day, there will be a different meal, she added.

#Free_home_made_food (free food for covid Patient) Hey Guys, i know these are the difficult times and if any of you are…

Posted by Syeda Ooje Fatima Rizvi on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Initially, Ooje Fatima was distributing free food to a limited number of families because she was doing it all alone. Now, with donations from different quarters, the number of meals has increased.

She also makes sure that no one is left behind from being served. Be it a Muslim, a non-Muslim, someone from a different sect, she doesn’t differentiate.

Ooje not only provides food to families affected by coronavirus but also to those who are unable to earn a living in these unprecedented times.

She delivers food to orphans, old-aged citizens, transgenders, and handicapped people as well.

#184days #free_home_made_food (for Covid19 -Patients) & #Needy people 103+ Death in a single day it’s one of the most…

Posted by Syeda Ooje Fatima Rizvi on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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