Sudan Crisis: A Summary Of The Progress Made So Far

Sudan Crisis
Source: RNZ | AFP

After 30 years of an oppressive dictatorship the Sudanese people had had enough and revolted to over-throw Omar al Bashir in a coup in April 2019. Finally, the people of Sudan were ready for a democratic civilian government. The Sudanese military was in charge of overseeing he transition from a dictatorship to a civil rule.

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The SPA (the party responsible for the protests against Omar al Bashir) has 3 main demands:

  • Civilian rule
  • End to the militias
  • Women’s right

Until now none of these demands have been met and for that reason many protests have broken out which are being suppressed by the militias, most notably the Janjaweed, a militia under the command of the supposed mastermind behind the deaths of protestors, Mohamed Hamdan “Hemeti” Dagolo.

What has the international community done?

The International community has expressed extreme outrage and condemnation of the military’s acts in Sudan and many people have donated to welfare organizations following the outbreak of violence.

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The Sudan crisis have grown so alarming in a short period of time that even major international organizations have been forced to take stern actions. For instance, the African Union has temporarily suspended the country’s membership until power is transferred to a civilian authority and warned of further action if it was not.

Have there been any improvements?

Recently, the Ethiopian President visited Sudan to act as a mediator to help the country to transition into democratic rule. At this point in time no major breakthrough has happened but future mediatory talks are likely as confirmed by an assistant to the Ethiopian President

What can we expect in the future?

A democratic government is what the Sudanese have wanted for a long time. The power of the ordinary working-class spearheading the coup that overthrew Al Bashir remains an example of their collective might. This reminder continues to motivate people to protest the unfair military rule that has been thrust upon them.

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It is thus, safe to assume that the people of Sudan will continue to fight for their rights even in the face of militia’s violent tactics.

Here’s hoping the Sudanese people do not remain alone in their struggle for democracy and that international pressure also mounts to resolve the Sudan crisis once and for all.