Here’s How Pakistani Celebrities Are Flagging The Rising Rate Of Street Crimes In Karachi!

Street Crimes In Karachi

Even after numerous years of operation by Rangers, the rate of street crimes in Karachi continues to hike and law and situation in the city remain uncertain. Apart from mobile thefts, snatching, armed robberies and kidnapping, every spell brings a new crime that goes rampant, creating fear and anxiety among the residents until it becomes a norm and people learn to live with it.

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However, someone is finally speaking up against the dismal safety conditions that limit the daily life of Karachi-ites in one way or another. Freiha Altaf, after becoming a victim of such crime, took to Twitter yesterday to give her account of how she was held at gunpoint while returning home. The renowned Fashion celebrity also demanded measures to ensure a safer Karachi. Here’s what she had to say!

Soon after, the CEO of Ary Digital Network, Jerjees Seja also tweeted in support of Frieha and reiterated the demand of curbing the rise in the rate of street crimes in Karachi. Without mincing his words, Jerjees addressed PM Imran Khan, President Arif Alvi, CM Imran Ismail and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry in his tweet and urged the leaders to fulfill their promise of Naya (new) and prosperous Pakistan.

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To add to the point, Fahad Mustafa, who was in Lahore at the time, expressed that the presence of traffic wardens and police personnel on the streets of Lahore makes him feel more secure and that people of Karachi should also be able to live such a life.

Pervasive street crimes in Karachi and the sudden hike after PTI assumed power is both condemnable and worrisome, especially considering the fact that the city is a hub of economic activities.

A safer Karachi will definitely boost investments and produce more avenues to generate income. On the contrary, PTI government will fare badly if the law and order situation in the city of lights remains a neglected issue.

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We hope that the newly elected PM and CM Sindh take the needed actions to provide a peaceful environment to the residents of Karachi.