Smog In Delhi Test Becomes A Reason For Twitterati To Exchange Blows

Sri Lankan team wearing face masks because of smog in Dehli

The ongoing Delhi Test between Sri Lanka and India has been marred by smog. The Sri Lankan players who are not used to such high air pollution levels have found themselves struggling big time!

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Things looked pretty gloomy during the game when the islanders were left with only 10 players fit enough to take the field. The guest team had to utilize the services of one of their support staff members to complete the quorum!

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The Indian fans however, considered the whole episode to be a drama of sorts. Twitter trolling began as soon as the Lankans decided to wear face masks.

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Thus, began a Twitter war where Indians came out to defend the smog situation in their country while the Sri Lankans argued how they were not accustomed to such high levels of pollution as their Indian counterparts.

So this is how reported the story.

Some Indian fans began trolling the Sri Lankans immediately after this story was reported. In their opinion, the Sri Lankan team was using the smog as an excuse to avoid embarrassment following another defeat in India.

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Haters be damned, there were cricket fans from both Sri Lanka and India who thought otherwise. They believed that living in denial was neither going to help nor provide a solution to the problem of extreme pollution in India.

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Up set Sri Lankan fans also tweeted to remind the Indians how well their players were treated while touring Sri Lanka.

Some brought in hard facts and figures to plead the case of the Sri Lankan team.

With Lahore not far away from Delhi and with the city being Pakistan’s only Test center allowed for international matches by the ICC so far, former Pakistan captain, Imran Khan was quick to warn about how a similar problem can haunt Pakistan in the days to come!

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