4 Revelations From The Facebook Timeline Of Rapist, Usman Mirza, That Reek Of His Problematic Personality

Usman Mirza facebook
Image Source: RangeInn

The sex offender, Usman Mirza, who recently got arrested after his gang rape video went viral on social media is even more problematic than this, and his Facebook timeline screams the same.

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A little background on Mirza

The sexual predator is a businessman by profession, whose personality reeks of privilege. A few months ago, he assaulted a man and a woman by forcefully barging into their house (the video of the crime went viral, however, recently on social media). He later sexually assaulted the woman, as one of his gang members videotaped the horrifying scene.

The predatory behavior goes way back

If you go through his Facebook timeline, you will find enough substance to validate his privilege and badmaashi.

1. The one where he confidently claims he’ll get bail after arrest

On 27 May, he posted a video of himself where he proudly said that he was about to get arrested, but he was confident that he would be granted bail.

This attitude is telling of his privilege, where he is so sure that even if he commits a crime, he would get a way out of this because of his authority. This man literally had no fear of being imprisoned; in fact, he recorded a video and posted it online for the world to see. WTH!

2. Display of arsenal

If you have a look at his timeline, you will see different videos where Mirza and his friends are seen hanging around in the capital city, openly carrying arms and not having a worry in the world.

3. Mirza and alcoholism

Usman Mirza is a person with strong political affiliation who does ‘big’ things with ‘big’ people and his Facebook timeline is evident of it. He even indulged in alcoholism and documented it on social media.

4. Problematic, egoistic behavior

So many of Mirza’s social media posts are reflective of his shameless behavior where he boasted about doing troublesome things and had no inch of remorse.

If you analyze this behavior, you will understand the audacity of this inhumane person who walked around with impunity. This is only the tip of the iceberg and this person along with his gang needs to be made an example by the authorities. They should be punished to the highest degree.

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