Response Of NUST To Speculations Of A Student Being Raped Has Pakistanis Infuriated

NUST Response Rape Speculations
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Academic institutions in Pakistan often make a mess when accusations of any sort against them come to light. Recently, NUST found itself in a similar state when its response to rumors of an alleged rape incident within the campus emanated.

It all started when speculations of a female student allegedly being raped on campus started to circulate after a girl came forward to report the incident.

As the news spread, more and more people came forward to fill in the details about the alleged incident.

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Owing to the pressure and fearing its reputation, NUST responded to the accusations on its official social media handles.

The university started off by saying, “What kind of a person makes fabricated rape accusations?” and denied the allegations claiming that a “thorough” investigation had been carried out that found nothing. The institution further added that it was “a heinous attempt to defame this prestigious seat of learning.”

This was the response of NUST on the alleged rape incident

Now, their response caused a massive uproar on social media and rightfully so, because the tone and the wording they had used was nothing but a counter allegation and a perfect example of victim blaming.

People pointed out that the administration at NUST should be more concerned about the reported crime rather than being worried about their “reputation.”

Many are calling out the administration for responding with a mean-spirited attitude.

People are also demanding an independent investigation of the incident.

With all the backlash, NUST was forced to publish another statement to address the concerns raised by the people.

The response of the university is not satisfactory at all after being accused of covering-up the accusation in the first place. A number of students have come forward to report many incidents where they were forced to keep their mouths shut.

Taking into account all the aspects of the situation, NUST should allow an independent investigation to ensure the safety of its students while on campus. The alleged incident has also forced many students to question their safety and the lack of empathy on NUST’s part has only gone on to make the students feel more vulnerable.

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