Popular Meme “Friendship Ended With Mudasir” Sells As NFT For $51,776

friendship ended with mudasir nft
Image Source: DAWN

“Friendship ended with Mudasir,” a Pakistani meme that broke the record of virality was auctioned as NFT at an online platform, Alter.

It is a Lahore-London-based startup that organized the auction, where the meme was sold for 20 Ethereum tokens, which is equivalent to $51,776 based on the current market price.

The popular graphic was created by Muhammad Asif Raza Rana from Gujranwala in 2015. Initially, it wasn’t meant to be a meme, however, it was more of an announcement that was later turned into a joke by social media users.

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The announcement was about how Asif had made a new friend Salman after canceling his old friend Mudasir. Soon after, the post connected with social media users and they started sharing it with others.

Who would’ve thought that a mere declaration would one day become a global meme and fetch more than 50 thousand dollars. Asif seems to have hit a jackpot for sure!


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As per various digital publications, Mudasir and Asif reconciled after their break up meme went viral on the internet. Following a global success, Mudasir, and Salman both became Asif’s best friends. On top of that, Asif even shared a reconciliation post on social media.

friendship ended viral meme
Image Source: NY post

Not only is Asif famous for this meme, he’s even had cartoons made on him, and there’s news that the reconciliation post might go up for auction as well. Talk about getting lucky!

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