3 Reasons Why Pakistanis Fell In Love With Last Night’s Player Of The Match, Babar Azam

babar azam player of the match
Source: Twitter handle of Cricket World Cup

Pakistani cricket fans found themselves on their feet last night, cheering along as Babar Azam received the esteemed honor of being named Player of the Match.

A face-off with New Zealand was one never to be taken lightly but with dynamic players such as Babar on the team, Pakistan found itself victorious.

1. His Incredible Skills as a Batsman

Babar Azam is undoubtedly an important asset for the Pakistani cricket team but last night, we, the cricket fanatics saw him reach his full potential.

Only 24 years old, Babar became Pakistan’s first non-opening batsman to make a century in a World Cup match since 1987 (i.e. the first to do so in 32 years!). Additionally, he is the second fastest player to make 3000 ODI runs – what an accomplishment!

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Not only this, but the batsman formed quite a few important partnerships during the match such as with Mohammad Hafeez as well as Haris Sohail, with whom  126 runs were made collectively.

Babar held on to his post firmly despite the “bowling attacks” from some of New Zealand’s most talented bowlers such as Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson and Mitchell Santner.

2. The Gratitude He Showed After Making a Century

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly admire Babar Azam any more than we already did, the batsman removed his helmet and gloves and went into Sajjdah (prostration) before God.

After successfully making a 100 runs for the Pakistan cricket team, Babar touched his lips to his helmet and showed his gratitude to God through a simple act of Sujud out on the cricket field.

This is not the first time Babar Azam has fallen to his knees and prostrated before God on the cricket field in gratitude! We have, in fact, seen him do this before back in 2016 when the cricketer made a 100 runs in the ODI against West Indies.

Take a look!

3. The Humility He Possessed Throughout the Match

Babar Azam lacks neither the talent nor the modesty it takes to make a prized and respectable sportsman. 

Anybody who made sure to watch the exhilarating match until the very end would’ve noticed that Babar is not one who relishes in wearing his achievements on his sleeve. On the contrary, he is a uniquely humble cricketer who clearly does not let his popularity get to his head.

Even after Pakistan was named victorious, Babar shook hands with the opposing team and exited the field humbly. It was, in fact skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed who gestured to the crowd that they should applaud the talented Babar Azam.

After being named Player of The Match, Babar simply stated, “The plan was to go through to the end and give my 100%.”

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