People On Both Sides Of The Aurat March Divide Need To Back Off & Let Mahira Khan Be!

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Source: SiddySays

After the Khalil-ur-Rehman controversy, Mahira Khan was at the upfront to stand up against the writer amid the chaos that it caused on the social media.

And she was pretty clear on her stance as she said, “A lot gets lost when we try to match jahaaalat with jahaalat, abuse with abuse.”

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But obviously, she became victim to a colossal amount of backlash from netizens who failed to grasp what she was up against.

It was pretty clear that she didn’t call someone out for their set of beliefs but how they met and dealt with the difference of opinion. But still got dragged!

And people couldn’t just let it go and kept mentioning and dragging her for supporting Marvi Sirmed.

When in actual, she just stood up against the verbal abuse by Khalil-ur-Rehman which doesn’t mean endorsing anyone’s beliefs (at all).

Mahira Khan then posted a note on social media “out of pure observation” and how she thinks with a little focus on the choice of words we can reach a wider audience and make them understand why we march.

Now, the left-wing Pakistanis took her words against the slogan Mera Jism Meri Marzi and started to find fault with what was just her opinion.

And soon this criticism turned into abuse to such an extent that she even had to deactivate her account for a while.

Many came forward in her support as she got dragged and slammed for something that was just her opinion and misinterpreted by many.

Not just Mahira but Armeena Khan was also forced to such an extent that she had to take a “sabbatical” from Twitter.

While it is okay to share one’s opinion and have a different take on social issues, it is NOT okay to bash someone for a contrasting take.

And for someone as polite as Mahira Khan it just makes us feel so sad that she got dragged for all the wrong reasons!