People Are Defending CSS Exam Following The Ehd-e-Wafa Controversy

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Ehd-e-Wafa stirred the audience when in an episode civil service examinations (CSS Exam) were represented in a way that was pretty contentious.

In the concerned episode, Sheheryar played by Ahmed Ali Akbar tells his parents that instead of going for a job interview he went to give his CSS exam two months ago. The result was out and he was going to be an assistant commissioner.

Shahzain played by Osman Khalid Butt makes Sheryar think that he would not have become as assistant commissioner without his help. Shahzain plays the character of an MNA in the drama serial.

As the episode went on-air, people started to call out the writers for not doing prior research about the CSS exam.

The fact that it only took two-months for Sheryar to pass the CSS exam bothered many. And the fact that it was made to believe that an MNA’s assistance was involved couldn’t leave people (especially CSS officers) unconcerned.

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People took to Twitter to defend the CSS exam and root for its validity.

DC Islamabad tweeted a story of his friend to make it clear that “there is no sifarish in CSS/FPSC.”

People shared the whole timeline that account for the struggle that a candidate has to go through.

Calling out the writers of the drama, Shanza Faiq, a lawyer and civil servant in the making said, “Why must our dramas be so poorly researched and so idiotically scripted?”

This guy rooted for the selection process of CSS and was of the view that “this is the only examination in Pakistan that is free of any such notion.”

Many were hurt by the negative portrayal of CSS exam in the drama.