PDM vs Pakistan’s Struggling Democracy

PDM Democracy of Pakistan
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PDM Rally

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On Sunday, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) held its much-awaited political rally in Minto park Lahore where Pakistan’s resolution was passed 80 years ago. Most of the speeches by different opposition leaders at the rally were centered on PM Imran Khan, while inflation and ruling government’s performance remained the primary theme. Election’s credibility was also brought up quite a few times.

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Democracy under threat

In this situation, everything is uncertain as both sides refuse to surrender. PDM leaders said on Monday the time for negotiation was over and they will not speak with anyone. Government officials are making the environment ripe for further escalation by ridiculing the opposition.


If the PDM decides in the next few weeks to go march towards the federal capital, the government will be tempted to use force. This could lead to violence and the situation will be out of control. Therefore, the matter should be resolved and some middle way must be found to reduce the tension. 

Stop playing the game of Politics

It is not an ideal situation to play politics when the country is facing an economic and health crisis. It would be best for the country’s interest that both sides should come to the parliament and resolve the difference in democratic norms. The government should focus on controlling inflation, improving performance, and accusations of electoral fraud should be reduced to a minimum. This can be done within the parliament.

Save the Democracy

The beauty of democracy lies in the participation of all representatives. This is the only way to revitalize the democracy in Pakistan by practicing and promoting democratic norms within their ranks, instead of indulging in polarized politics. The main purpose of government is to serve the country and work for the welfare of the people. It is need of the hour during the pandemic to sort out all political differences and work together.

Consequences of Polarized Politics

Negative impacts of polarized politics are prevailing in the country and have bad consequences for Democratic process. Solving this matter under democratic norms will strengthen the democracy and will bring political stability in the country.


11th May 2013 heralded a new era for democracy. For the first time in history one democratically elected government was replaced by another democratically elected government after Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) completed its full term in office.

Civilian transfer of power and compilation of full democratic term must be continued it will not just be better for democracy but it will also bring political stability. Only democratic process can ensure a developed, progressive, prosperous and economic giant Pakistan in the world.

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