Pakistanis Find These Excerpts From Asad Durrani’s Book Most Damaging For Pakistan

Assad Durrani's book

Asad Durrani’s book, The Spy Chronicles: Raw, ISI and the Illusion of Peace has left Pakistan utterly displeased.

Prior to the launch of the book we had shared how many Pakistanis were skeptical about its content and how the former spymaster might have divulged state secrets to an Indian publication at the cost of the country’s integrity.

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All the misgivings, it seems have been proven correct and virtually every Pakistani who has so far read Asad Durrani’s book has something to fume about.

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Durrani has made some unwelcome revelations, which many feel are treacherous in nature. At the same time it is widely believed that given the clout that he still enjoys as the former Director General of ISI, Durrani’s intentions and actions will not be questioned by the mighty and powerful.

We still haven’t completed our reading of The Spy Chronicles, but going by the reactions of those who have read it, Pakistanis are most upset with these four revelations specifically.

Pakistan is Behind the Insurgency in Indian Held Kashmir 

This has to be the most damning of all the excerpts that Pakistani readers have so far found offensive.

This has of course given our neighbours a lot of reasons to gloat.

ISI is a Largely Rogue Entity Working to Destabilize Pakistani Governments

Ummmm…should we comment? We shouldn’t….

We shouldn’t?

We definitely shouldn’t!

Pakistan Does Not Want to Act Against Hafiz Saeed & the Haqqani Network

If you (our dear readers) and I are counted as “Pakistan,” then may this statement be brought to record at the next FATF moot: Pakistanis desperately want to act against Hafiz Saeed and do away with the Haqqani Network!

Lt. General Asad Durrani & Most Military Men Enjoy Their Whiskey

Well, this is no state secret but this “revelation” has just sparked a very interesting cyber conversation between the Ghairat Brigade and the Beghairat Brigade whereby the latter is ridiculing the double standards of the former and we’re thoroughly enjoying this pointless exchange.

Keep watching this space for the cover to cover review of The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace.


  1. He has gone out of his mind. In a TV show Head to Head with journalist Mehdi hassan he praised role of Talinban and said they are doing bomb blasts but those are also in country favour. Durani them for sure made great mistakes during his time in office.

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