Pakistan Navy Dropped Their New Song & People Are Comparing It To The PSL Anthem-What Even!

Pakistan Navy song
Image Source: YouTube/Express Tribune

Pakistan Navy has recently released a new song called ‘The Call of Peace’ for the multinational naval exercise, Aman 2021. The song is beautifully sung by the famous Sahir Ali Bagga and singer-songwriter Damia Farooq and Parisa Farooq.

The Director General Public Relations (Navy) shared the song on his official Twitter account. He said, “Song carries powerful msg of peace & resolve 4 collaborative approach. Around 45 countries are participating in AMAN-21 under the slogan #TogetherforPeace.”

The song is a combination of both Urdu and English languages. Where Bagga adds energy with his high-pitched vocals, the female singers set a mellow tone for the song. The amalgamation of pitches keeps ‘the Call of Peace’ well-balanced.

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The video is crisp and clean; nicely shot and edited. It has scenes from the naval exercises conducted in the previous years. Moreover, it is a sight for sore eyes, I kid you not. They went with an overall warm tone for the whole video, which is why it makes it all the more pleasing. Looking at the drills from the past AMAN exercises will be entertaining for people who hold interest in these matters.

Even if you’re not aware of the drill, worry not, we’ll give you a quick brief on what it is so that you better understand the context of the song. Basically, the AMAN exercise is a series of multinational exercises to promote peace and inter-operability. The exercise will kick off today, 11th February, during which 45 countries will participate with their assets to strengthen multi-layered security cooperation and Naval Ops and cross-cultural interaction.

PSL Anthem VS Pakistan Navy Song

Okay so people have been dissing Groove Mera– the PSL 6 anthem ever since it released; and they haven’t stopped till date. Now that the Pakistan Navy has dropped their official song for the AMAN exercise 2021, Pakistanis have one more package to compare the PSL anthem with. They are of the opinion that Pakistan Navy should have directed the PSL 6 song, so that the song could have been better.

First things first, it is completely stupid to compare the two songs. There’s no connection between the two. PSL anthem has been produced to keep the nations’ spirits alive for the sport amidst the pandemic; while Call of Peace is a multinational invitation to tranquility and law and order. They are not similar; so drop it!


Pakistanis are also commenting on how Sahir Ali Bagga could have done a better job for the PSL anthem.

Ahem, well, where does it say that Bagga is your ticket to success? No harsh feelings for the singer though! IMO, the anthem trio has done a marvelous job at making Groove Mera an overnight success.

These two songs are special in their own little way, so can we please stop picking on the anthem? And appreciate the navy song while we can, thank you!

Image Source: Twitter