Karachi Stock Exchange Attack: 9 Tweets That Voice Every Pakistani’s Heartbreak

Karachi Stock Exchange Attack
Source: BBC

On Monday morning, the news of the attack on Karachi Stock Exchange left many of us deeply upset.

As per reports, four gunmen stormed the building at 10 a.m. The assailants used grenades and automatic rifles during the attack.

The encounter claimed at least seven lives that included two guards, a policeman and all four of the attackers.

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed the responsibility for the attack. The terror outfit issued the statement while the security operation to clear the building was still underway.

The news of the attack on Karachi Stock Exchange came at a time when the country is not merely feeling the devastating effects of COVID-19 but is also reeling from the pandemic’s economic aftershocks.

For a while now, we had believed that Pakistan had finally entered the post-terrorism era. Today’s attack was then a rude awakening for many.

The initial news was met with well-placed disbelief.

But as soon as the news was confirmed, prayers and condolences were quick to pour in.

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There were timely calls by many netizens to not post gory images coming from ground zero.

Those who clamoured to preserve human dignity in the hour of crisis are the people that truly keep Pakistan going!

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With BLA having accepted responsibility for the attack, it is of supreme importance to ensure that the entire Baloch population does not end-up at the receiving end of unwarranted hate.

Those who braved – and lost their lines on the front-line – are being revered.

The fact that the graphs didn’t drop and continued to rise brought the nation back to life.