3 Delicacies That Are Enjoyed The Most In Pakistan During Winter!

Image Source: ABDUL MAJEED / AFP/ Express Tribune

Winter is at its peak in Pakistan as the northern part of the country experiences a new spell of cold rains and snowfall, and in the southern part, people finally switch off their fans. While the load-shedding of gas continues to worry the citizens, it’s the traditional food that is keeping the residents sane and warm. Out of these many dishes, here are the three delicacies that are enjoyed the most in Pakistan during winter.

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1. Gajar Ka Halwa/Gajraila

Pakistan during Winter
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One of the warmest desserts you will ever come across, Gajar Ka Halwa uses shredded carrots, sweetening ingredients, desi ghee, khoya (optional) and other aromatic spices to make one feel comfortable on a cold night.

Pakistan during Winter
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Gajraila is when milk is added to this mixture and cooked till condensed, making the taste mildly sweet while preserving the warmth of the dish.

2. Kashmiri Chai

Pakistan during Winter
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Also known as Noon Chai, Kashmiri Chai is a rare hot beverage that takes almost half an hour to cook. The tea when ready looks baby to rose pink in color and tastes creamy yet strong enough to cleanse the taste buds.

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Usually drunk after dinner and an essential part of weddings in Pakistan during winter, Kashmiri Chai also has chunks of dry fruits which make the whole affair more flavorsome and warming.

3. Fried Fish

Pakistan during Winter
Image Source: Dawn.com

Fried fish is probably the staple food of people in Pakistan during winter. Marinated in differently spiced batters and cooked through either shallow or deep fry procedure, the dish becomes the highlight of every street stall and high-end restaurant in the country during winter.

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Lahori, finger fish, fish Katakat or fish barbeque, you name it and it’s there! So, if you ever visit Pakistan during winter, do not forget to indulge in some piping hot, nicely spiced and crispy fried fish.