3 Things We Need to Do to End Discrimination Against the Transgender Community

Transgender people
We live in the 21st century, yet it’s a shame to state that discussions about the transgender community in public spaces are still considered a taboo in our society.
Since, a lot has already been written about this subject I would refrain from going into facts and figures. Instead of tackling this subject from an academic angle, I want to speak about it purely in emotional terms.
For me, as an average young person, it is frustrating to see how one still needs to advocate the simple fact that transgender people are just as normal as any other human being walking the streets. The only difference between transgender people and others is that the former have an unconventional understanding of their gender identity. Since, we emphasize so much on freedom of thought and expression as a society, how then can we allow our prejudice to take the best of us when someone differs from us in their belief of gender and what it entails?
Here I can’t emphasize enough that being a transgender person is is not a disease! If we believe that God created every living and non-living being – and He did create us all – how then can we discriminate so criminally against one of His creations?
To every reader, I plead simply this:
1. Be Kind
When you come across a transgender person, please have the good sense to not bully or harass. Show kindness for they are human beings with the same set of emotions that we all feel. And so going by the Golden Rule: do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.
2. Do Not Discriminate
Just as everyone deserves equal treatment and respect, so do the transgender people. The discrimination and frowning that we collectively as a society mete out to the transgender people is grossly unfair. Starting today we all need to adopt a no-discrimination policy towards this disadvantaged community.
3. Speak Up for Transgender Rights
To all those reading this piece, I request you to come up front and speak out for the rights of the transgender people. Talk about this issue among your friends and family and in your community. Write letters to editors, use different forums including social media to highlight this cause.
In short please don’t be a silent spectator to the disrespectful – and at times inhuman – treatment that our society  accords to the third gender.


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