No, Iman Ali, It’s NOT Okay To Use “Khusra” As An Insult

Iman Ali Khusra
Image Source: Express Tribune

Pakistani celebrities need to understand that as role models and influencers they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders regarding how and what they say on-screen. So many people look up to them, as icons, their words can be damaging to not only one but an entire community.

Actor cum model, Iman Ali did something similar on Vasay Chaudhry’s talk show Ghabrana Mana Hai, where she equated herself to a khusra while trying to say that she feels ugly when she looks herself in the mirror.

The actor shared her insecurities with her looks, despite being reminded by many that she is absolutely beautiful.

I don’t like the way I look, Ali confessed. I don’t like myself even more, especially because people say I’m so beautiful, I don’t understand what they see, she iterated.

I think I need to buy a new phone because everywhere I point to take a selfie, I feel ‘ew, khusra, ew, khusra,'” she said, bursting into laughter. When I can’t like my face, how can I take a picture and upload it?” she said trying to explain why she is not so active on social media.

It is true that people struggle with accepting themselves as they are, and have such deep-seated insecurities that they just cannot come to terms with the way they look. Nevertheless, Iman Ali needs to understand that having body image issues is a real thing, and confronting them was a brave move, but not at the expense of an entire community. You cannot demean the transgender community while trying to make a point, because that is not fair. Period.

Times are changing and with that people need to change their mentalities too. They need to comprehend the fact that words have consequences. Uttering anything without thinking twice about its repercussions is not the safest choice you can make. Considering that celebrities have a huge following and there are people who look up to them, they need to be wise with their choice of words.

About time people acknowledge that using ‘khusra’ as an insult is not okay, and with that said, we’re looking at you, Iman Ali!


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