The Story Behind Vanguard Books: A 5 Point Explainer On How Najam Sethi Illegally Kept Lok Virsa’s Property For Over 24 Years

Najam Sethi Vanguard Books
Source: Twitter/Vanguard books

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s official Twitter account tweeted a thread revealing how the Lok Virsa, an organization under the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture decided to retrieve its property in illegal possession of Najam Sethi, that he’d kept under the garb of Vanguard books.

We’ve prepared a list of 5 points to explain to you the whole story behind this case.

1. It All Started In 1996

Being in the cabinet of Malik Meraj Khalid, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, senior journalist Najam Sethi used his influence and took hold of a government property in the pricey area of F-6. He then established a bookshop called Vanguard Books on that property, paying a meagre sum of 50,000 a month on rent.

2. Najam Sethi Misuses His Power For 24 Years Straight

After every attempt from Lok Virsa to take back its property from Sethi, he used his influence to get the lease extended at a minimal rent.

First eviction notice was sent in the year 2001 which he got extended to 2006, using his political authority. The drama doesn’t end here. In the year 2006, when the Govt. tried to get the property vacated, through dishonest means he got the lease extended to 2009.

In 2009, another notice was sent to Sethi, but he did not follow up on that, and kept hold of that property without a lease. During Nawaz’s tenure a lease was signed till February 2020.

In a recent development, a final eviction notice has been sent in November 2020. Sethi did not comply with the Government’s orders, despite the government sending multiple eviction notices.

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3. Lok Virsa Is Losing 20 Lacs A Month

According to the reports, Sethi is paying a minimal amount of 2 lac 32 thousand rupees for a property that is worth Rs. 25 lacs a month.

The Lok Virsa govt. feels they’re losing 20 lacs a month, and have also stated that the illegal occupation has cost the billions of rupees in loss in this period.

4. PTI Government Has Sent Notices To Sethi & Many Other Officials To Evict govt. Properties

In order to convert the Vanguard Books property in possession of Najam Sethi, into a cultural museum, the PTI govt. has sent him a notice to vacate the building. Moreover, the govt. sent notices to many other officials who have misused their power in all these years and have illegally kept government properties.

Sethi has gained billions of rupees advantage over this property.

5. Sethi Claims This Is Propaganda Against Him

Defying the claims against this illegal occupation, Sethi took to Twitter to explain how this all a deliberate attempt to spread lies against him by a PTI official.

Citizens of Pakistan have the founder of Vanguard Books to share official documents of all the legal proceedings to back his claims and not discredit the govt. orders without proofs. People are also demanding the govt. to take swift action against him, as well as penalize him.

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