Mawra Hocane Almost Quit Acting Over Social Media Trolling

Mawra Hocane Quit Acting
Source: Online dramas/YouTube

In an interview with Mira Sethi, actor Mawra Hocane revealed that she almost quit acting and left Pakistan over online trolling.

Keyboard warriors often forget that celebrities are also humans and have feelings like any other person. They do not factor in famous personalities feelings and kill them with hate.

Quite often, one actor or another comes forward with claims of how social media hate has ruined their mental health or what implications it curtails on their well-being.

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Mawra Hocane also shared that she was so disheartened that she told her parents “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Sabaat actor also shared that she even got death threats after a slip of tongue. She said that she is still frightened of posting online and can’t defend herself.

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“I say you know what? I am wrong! But are you really going to take my life for it?”

28 year old actor while speaking with Mira Sethi said that back then Instagram was only a photo-sharing app and nothing big.

“I didn’t know much about Instagram, even though people credit me for being one of the first celebs to join it and start some sort of trend. For me it was just something I just enjoyed using.”

She recalled how it was difficult for her to deal with all the hate. Now it is much more different, she has learned how to deal with it, but it still gives her shivers.

“I am getting used to it now, but six years ago it was very difficult,” Hocane said “Like, if I am giving an interview right now, it is possible that I may say something wrong. But I realized five years ago that anything wrong that comes out of your mouth is no longer wrong when it reaches social media, it becomes a sin.”

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Dealing with online bashing is never easy. Haters give no leeway to celebs thinking they’re some creatures from the outer world who cannot commit a mistake.

Recently, Hania Amir also shared how damaging mean comments have been for her. She wrote in an Instagram post

“Words are powerful. They can create and destroy. Why use them to knock people down when you can use them to lift each other up.”

You can watch the complete interview here:

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