Leave Everything & Watch Kit Harrington’s Reaction On Learning Jon Snow Killed Daenerys In “Game Of Thrones!”

Kit Harrington's Reaction On Learning Jon Snow Killed Daenerys In Game Of Thrones!
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For almost a decade there, Game of Thrones captured the imagination of the global audience like no other swho on television. While many characters were chopped (in many cases literally!) over the course of the eight years, the resilient few who managed to survive till the final season had the hearts of their fans wrapped around their fingers. And so, of the many good-byes that fans had to bid to their beloved characters, the worst ones, it seems were reserved for the very end.

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The most heart-breaking moment of the entire show perhaps arrived with Jon Snow and Daenerys’ last embrace. The fact that he truly, earnestly proclaims his devotion to the Queen in the very moment that he also kills her makes the loss all the more hard to handle.

You’re not just mourning Daenerys’ death (even though she slaughtered thousands of innocent people for absolutely no reason at all in the previous episode), you’re also mourning, the heavy heart that Jon Snow banishes himself to live with for the rest of his days.

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As heart-breaking as the entire sequence was for fans, no one really stopped to wonder how Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke felt about it!

At least not until this video came out! 👇

During the reading of the final episode of Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington’s reaction on learning Jon Snow killed Daenerys is absolutely priceless!

In just a few seconds, the actor experiences all the five stages of grief and its downright endearing to see him like that!

Emilia Clarke on the other hand seems so much more composed, even offering an understanding not to Harrington.

Watch the video and give us your reactions in the comments below!