Lahore Smog And Its Effects

Lahore Smog And Its Effects
Source: Pakistan Today

The Lahore smog and its effects has made breathing air and driving vehicles a nightmare. Here are pictures below that show how the city has been adversely affected by it.

Source: IQAir

For the past few weeks, the Lahore smog and its effects on the entire city has everyone on social media talking. According to IQAir, Lahore is now the 6th most polluted city in the world. This smog then, has many citizens gasping for air. Many people are now wearing masks to keep away the toxic air. The city has also become a difficult place to drive around in.

Lahoris have been commenting about this issue under the hashtag #lahoresmog. On social media, many have uploaded various pictures on Twitter and Instagram to showcase how the Lahore smog and its effects have devastated the city.

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A man has taken a picture of Lahore smog at 7 a.m in the morning from his car. From the windscreen, he is showing how the smog has made the sky darker and murkier. The sun appears less bright at this time and the road ahead seems hazy and indistinct.
A woman has taken a picture of a park in Lahore. It is 9:15 a.m yet it looks as if the sun is not there. The only thing that appears the brightest are the flower beds. Otherwise, the smog is so visible that the trees look dark and grey.
Image Source: @aidrus2000 Instagram.

A person took this photo of Badshahi Masjid in Lahore. The only bright objects visible in colour are the birds and the two men walking in the foreground. The Masjid and the people around it are very hazy to look at. Thanks to the smog, it is difficult to see places and people in greater detail.

Image Source: @lifeoflahore Instagram

This is a shot of Lahore smog and its effects during traffic hours. Even from this angle, it seems the smog is making the roads difficult to travel. The colours of the cars are faded and slightly indistinct. And the men riding motorbikes have their masks on to protect themselves from the polluted air.

Image Source: @theselfassumedartist Instagram

A man is riding a motorbike in the Lahore smog. This rider and the other motorbike rider are on a road where the smog has made their journey tricky. The building, highway and the trees are very grey and murky in colour.

Two people selling corn are pushing their cart upward. The smog has engulfed the trees, as if they are covered in a cloud.
An aerial view of Lahore. The smog is so thick that it has turned everything around in grey.
Image SourceL @lifeoflahore Instagram

The Metro Bus is shown in this picture. Its red colour is barely visible while the road, bridge, cars and pedestrians are barely visible.

A man is traveling on a motorbike from Gujranwala to Lahore. Even on the GT road, the smog has spread a lot. The road and the objects in the background are grey and slightly indistinct.

This is a picture of Lahore early in the morning. While the sky seems slightly pink in colour, the trees covered in smog are dark and grey.