Kate Middleton Mirrored Princess Diana In The Aqua Blue Shalwar Kameez She Wore At Touchdown In Pakistan

kate middleton princess diana

The royal couple has arrived in Pakistan and both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked radiant in the photographs from their arrival at Nur Khan airbase on late Monday evening.

As important as the royal visit is in terms of foreign relations for both the United Kingdom and Pakistan, not everyone seems interested in the political aspect of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 5-day tour of the country.

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Not very surprisingly, one of the first headlines that came out internationally after the royal couple’s touchdown in Pakistan focused on Middleton’s style statement.

Of course, the fact that she opted for Pakistani attire rather than British attracted a whole host of comments.

However, the aqua blue shalwar kameez that Kate Middleton wore did not simply garner attention because it was eastern-wear, but because it had an uncanny resemblance to what her late mother-in-law Princess Diana wore during one of her visits to Pakistan.

Princess Diana, too, like Kate Middleton had once worn an elegant, aqua blue shalwar kameez when on a visit to Pakistan in the 1990’s.

We’ll probably never know whether this similarity was a coincidence or intentional. However there’s no denying that last evening history seemed to have come full circle as we saw Kate Middleton step onto Pakistani soil mirroring Princess Diana.