Twitter Had Mixed Reactions After Joe Biden Fell Asleep At The Climate Change Summit

Joe Biden fell asleep
Image Source: BBC

The US President Joe Biden fell asleep during the United Nations Climate Change Summit, and it was even caught on camera.

Zach Purser Brown, a reporter at The Washington Post, posted Biden’s video on Twitter, where he was seen having a shut eye for almost 20 seconds during the summit.

As soon as the video went viral, the Twitterati had different things to say about the incident.

The House of Republicans called out the President for falling asleep like this while his country is in a crisis situation.

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“Jeez… not the best look when you’re trying to tell the word to wake up,” Piers Morgan tweeted.

Rep. Ronny Jackson went downright savage in his criticism.

NOBODY in their right mind believes this man is actually running our country. It’s so painfully obvious he’s not physically or mentally up for the job, that it’s EMBARRASSING. He needs to resign. America deserves better than this,” he tweeted.

However, there were others who gave him a pass saying that the President was jet-lagged from all the traveling, and it isn’t easy to stay awake at a Climate Change Summit.

Natalie Johnson defended Joe Biden, saying, “to be fair, I’d fall asleep during a climate conference too.”

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