Jemima Asked For The Best Songs To Be Played At A Wedding & Twitter Had Such Cool Recommendations

Jemima wedding songs
Image Source: Tribune

Filmmaker and former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith asked an interesting question on Twitter and the netizens immediately jumped in to answer that for her.

So, what was the question you ask?

She asked, “What is the best contemporary Pakistani pop song please that would play at a wedding?”

Jemima basically asked for good wedding songs, and everyone on the internet was beyond delighted to suggest some of the best ones to her. Well tbh, even I had a khujli in my hands to respond back to her Tweet, but then I was like she has enough recommendations already. So might as well, just read along.


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Also, for all those people looking for some uber-cool songs to play at a wedding, you can always refer to this thread. This is a literal goldmine of amazing wedding songs I tell you.

Oh my, this song is absolute love. There was a time when 90% of the mehndis had at least one dance performance on it.

It is impossible to stop yourself from shaking a leg to this song.

Wah, such good times when we used to listen to this one, and it still has a fresh feeling to it!

No dholki is ever complete without this song playing in the background.

Zara dholki bajao goriyo….! Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself from singing along.

Yes, this one indeed has a really catchy tune and you just want to sway away with it.

What other wedding songs would you want to share with Jemima? Write in the comments.