Irfan Junejo Quits Vlogging Making His Fans Really Upset

irfan junejo quits
Irfan Junejo's YouTube Channel

Irfan Junejo has come a long way in a very short span of time. He started his career from vlogging in a room with whatever equipment at his disposal and went on to cover a mega sports event that featured international football stars like Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs and Robert Pires. With the quality of his content that is creative as well as engaging, he managed to attract a wide range of audience.

In his recent video, Irfan Junejo called it quits to vlogging that came as a shocker for his fans!

In a video message he revealed how the fame that came with his work has made Irfan “reclusive”. He added that once he was full of life and now he doesn’t feel that anymore.

The YouTuber explained that his vlogging career helped him live all his dreams but on the other hand it also impacted his life by resulting in issues like anxiety and insecurities.

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He made it clear that he is not quitting YouTube and would upload videos at his own convenience. “Vlogs are not the focus of my life anymore,” Irfan concluded.

The news of Irfan Junejo quitting vlogging has left his fans in a state of shock.

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People are gonna really miss his scnz

… and just don’t want him to quit.

His last line “scnz kuch aesy hain” left many heartbroken.

Irfan Junejo calling it quits to vlogging is really heartbreaking. We wish him all the luck for what lies ahead!


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