I’ll Reveal A Painting From A Pakistani Master Artist That Resembles Your Aura If You Do This Color Quiz

Pakistani Painting Color Quiz
Source: Pinterest, Aware Woman Artists & Dawn Images

This fun quiz will give you a beautiful Pakistani painting to look at, all you have to do is pick random things from each color.

Pick a yellow color object.

Yellow clock

Pick a purple color object.

Purple Flowers
Purple Flavors
Purple Scenery

Pick a blue color object.

Blue Flower
Blue Parrot
Blue Leaves

Pick a orange color object.

Orange Speaker
Orange Scenery

Pick a white color object.

White Plate
White BED
White Mug

Pick a green color object.


Pick a red color object.

Red Flags

Pick a grey color object.

Grey Mountain
Gray Marble
Grey Parrot

Pick a pink color object.

Pink Flowers
Pink Umbrellas
Pink Scenery

Pick Random Things From Each Color And, We’ll Give You A Beautiful Painting To Look At
Take a look at this painting!

Sadequain Painting

Take a look at this beautiful painting by the one and only Sadequain!
Take a look at this painting!

Ismail Gulgee Painting

This painting by Ismail Gulgee is quite eye catching with those vibrant and beautiful color combos!
Take a look at this painting!

Zubeida Agha Painting

This painting by Zubeida Agha is perfect for minimalist people. Simple and lively are the best words to describe the painting

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