If You Can Get 8/10 On This Random Trivia Quiz, Your Brain Is Top-Tier

Sanam Saeed & Mona Lisa Collage
Source: Wikipedia & Pak101.com

Do you have a Top-Tier Brain? Find out now, all you have to do is get at least an 8 out of 10 on this amazing Random Trivia Quiz.

What's the top number on a fraction called?

Fractions (Maths) Twinkl
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Iguazu Falls borders which two South American countries?

Iguazu Falls
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Which part of the brain processes taste?

Sanam Saeed eating PAK101
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The highest Ferris wheel in the world is located where?

Ferris Wheel Largest.org
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How many countries make up the United Kingdom?

united kingdom flag Country Flags
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Is Jupiter larger or smaller than the Earth?

Solar System Live Science
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Where is the heart of a shrimp located?

Shrimp Feed Navigator
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Which ocean is the deepest?

Ocean The Conversation
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What do you call a group of rhinos?

Black Rhino National Geographic Kids
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Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Mona Lisa Wikipedia
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If You Can Get 8/10 On This Random Trivia Quiz, Your Brain Is Top-Tier


You aced the test and that means your brain is top tier! How do you do this? Teach us your ways, master!
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Not Bad

You did alright but there is still room for improvement. Give this test another try, you'll do better. I believe in you.

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Oopsie! I guess you weren't ready for the test. Why don't you give it another shot. You might have learned something from your mistakes.

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