If The Story Of This Patient Won’t Make You Take COVID-19 Seriously Then We Don’t Know What Will!

COVID-19 patient
Source: The National

It’s been more than two months now since the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan. And even though the number of cases have been increasing rapidly, people have started to take the deadly virus lightly. As people return to their normal work routines they must follow the SOPs and must take all precautions.

Journalist Ashleigh Stewart in a Twitter thread shared the story of COVID-19 patient Sohail Anjum to emphasize how grave the situation is!

Sohail Anjum is a COVID-19 patient currently recovering from the side effects that the deadly virus has caused. The ex-Dubai resident is presently residing in London.

COVID-19 has turned Sohail’s world upside down. He just regained his consciousness after remaining in an induced coma for 25 days.

While talking to the National about his ordeal, Sohail only had one message for the public, “take Covid-19 seriously.”

Sohail started to doubt his health when he started to have migraine with an itchy throat.

I was trying to call the NHS hotline and I couldn’t get through. A week passed, and my symptoms were getting bad, I was feeling really ill.

Sohail Anjum told The National

When he visited his doctor he was sent home and asked to “take paracetamol.” He was suspected to have contracted a viral nasal infection.

His symptoms however, worsened over the next few days. Still, he was repeatedly told to wait for a little while. In lieu of his deteriorating health, his brother took him to hospital where he was admitted immediately.

A few hours later his doctor told him that they’d have to put him in an induced sleep. The doctors feared that the decision could go either way with a 50/50 chance of survival.

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“I was so ill at the time I just said do what you have to do,” recalled Sohail.

His 81-year-old mother who lived with him had also contracted the deadly virus and was brought to the hospital eight days later.

However, his mother died after another two days. Sohail back then was still in coma.

After remaining in a state of induced coma for 23 days, his doctors then decided to gradually remove him from the ventilator.

Little did Sohail knew that his world would be completely different when he regained consciousness.

Nobody wanted to tell me about my mother because of the trauma I had gone through. I don’t know how to explain it but I just had this vision that my mother was no more.

Sohail is now struggling to regain his strength while he tries to cope with his mother’s loss.

The deadly coronavirus has made him really weak. He cannot stand, can barely use his arms or hands, cannot taste anything and struggles to remember things.

While combating COVID-19, Sohail has had to go through a lot mentally.

He’s still in the same ward where he saw two other people die because of the deadly virus.

He hasn’t seen his wife in three months. She was in Pakistan when he was admitted. However, she has just returned to UK.

Sohail is also worried about the health of his father and wife who could be asymptomatic.

The doctors have told him that it’d take at least six months for him to recover fully. He’s expected to be discharged in about two weeks.

I’ll go home to a house where I need to get used to seeing my Mum not around anymore. It’s hard.

While appreciating the staff he told that the nurses actively cater to the patient’s need. But the doctors have to take very difficult decisions as to when to take a patient off the ventilator.

Sohail Anjum urged everyone to take the coronavirus “seriously” while implementing social distancing as it is the only way forward.

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