Here’s What The Marchers At Aurat March 2021 Are Demanding This Year

Aurat March 2021
Image source: Twitter/Designer Areeba Siddiqui

Every year women take to the streets on 8th March to demand their rights, and each year there’s a different manifesto. To celebrate Women’s Day in Pakistan, the organizers of the Aurat March 2021 have put forth a charter of demands that they aim to raise awareness about and achieve this year.

This is the fourth consecutive year since the men and women supportive of the Aurat March and equal rights for all, will march in different cities of Pakistan. Here’s a city-by-city breakdown for you to get a better understanding of the requirements of marchers.

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What is Islamabad Marching for?

The Aurat March in Islamabad aims to take on the crisis of care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Called the Aurat Azadi March, the Islamabad version also demands economic justice, welfare, and social services. According to the organizers, the pandemic has had a burdening effect on the women of Pakistan. Since they have to take on dual roles of being the primary caregivers of their households and also financially provide for their families, the income disparities have proved to be increasingly stressful for them. Hence, they will march to demand pro-people economic and labor measures.

What Is Lahore Marching For?

The organizers of the Aurat March in Lahore have designed a 35-page charter of demands that primarily focuses on the health care of women and gendered minorities. Since healthcare has been on the forefront during the COVID-19, the organizers believe this is a perfect opportunity to shed light on women’s health in Pakistan that has been ignored for far too long.

The manifesto focuses on a host of topics: from creating a safe space for women frontline healthcare providers to demanding a clean environment for the marginalized communities, and to bridge a gap between the urban and rural areas in the provision of healthcare infrastructure.

You can read the whole charter of demands here.

What Is Karachi Marching For?

The participants of the Aurat March 2021 in Karachi will focus broadly on the themes of gender-based violence inflicted upon women, transgender & non-binary persons. They aim to bring about “collective social change based on the principles of inclusion, dignity, freedom, and equality.”

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