Pakistanis Are Enraged With Headstart School’s CEO For Her Insensitive Response To A Parent’s Fee Discount Request!

Headstart School's CEO

Every once in a while on Twitter we come across statements that are highly crass in nature and a sheer reflection of incompetence. Keeping the bizarre tradition alive, an email snapshot has been leaked on the very same website recently. The image shows an extremely insensitive response from Headstart School’s CEO to a Federal Government Officer who requested for a fee discount. Take a look! 

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For your assistance, here’s a clearer image of the email.

Headstart School's CEO
Image Source: Twitter

The email was sent by Headstart School’s CEO in response to a mid-level Federal Government Officer who requested the renowned private school system to reinstate government official’s discount.

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However, the school’s harsh reply turning down the application did not sit well with many Pakistanis who expressed their anger in the guise of retweets and comments. Here’s what people had to say!

Headstart School's CEO

Headstart School's CEOHeadstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO

There were many who jumped to Ms. Naznin Murtaza’s defense, citing the SC order as a reason behind the unacceptance of the request. But Pakistanis were not having it and reiterated that it was the unnecessarily, derogatory language used by Headstart School’s CEO that cannot be justified at any cost.

Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO Headstart School's CEO

Bolo Jawan reached out to the Headstart School’s CEO for a statement but no response was received till the time of publishing this article. 

The whole episode has started an important conversation about the education mafia in Pakistan and their exploitative strategies to make big bucks. It has also understandably created doubts regarding the Supreme Court’s 20% fees cuts imposed on private schools.

That said, it’s the unkind tone of the Headstart School’s CEO which is the most questionable and worth condemnation. No business (as the founders have made it clear from their stance) can do well if they choose to look down upon the very customers who fill their pockets with a hefty amount of money just to ensure that their kids can have a quality education.

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Moreover, in a world where there’s a dire lack of love, compassion, and kindness, the last thing we want is a bunch of impudent individuals in a position to influence young minds.

We hope that the Headstart School makes corrective measures as soon as possible and issues an apology to the ones hurt in the process.       


  1. Considering the short-sighted and unnecessarily defiant approach you have adopted to SCP orders, one can draw the conclusion that contrary to your image as an enlightened educationist, you Naznin Murtaza are in fact an uncivil and hypocritical fraud more concerned with the status associated with Head Start School than the “quality” education offered at your school. Throughout the city, your school is infamous as having started the traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day, Halloween and inappropriate concerts, welcome parties and farewells in which drinking, use of drugs, dancing and other activities that contradict your newfound moral-loving and Islam-upholding character were enjoyed. Then, a confrontation with a powerful figure , who deemed Head Start not as a school but a – Khaana after which he vowed not to let Head Start loose, was enough for you to transform yourself from a symbol of “modern” times to a woman hiding behind Islam and the Alam. I must say, you have come a far way from the “modern” woman who marched in F-6 flaunting a bob cut and a dog on the leash, in an attempt to appear strong, to the “humble” woman supposedly exploding with wisdom. Unfortunately, the knowledge you have claimed to gain was a part of selling to the public your image as a gentle, innocent widow in an attempt to salvage the notorious reputation of Head Start at the time. Such concerts and celebrations attracted young people to your school, and you took advantage of that in a most revolting manner, you enforced a class difference. To be in Head Start was to be in a position to judge, on the basis of wealth, to be in Head Start was to be in a position to feel entitled, on the basis of relations with ambassadors and politicians, to be in Head Start was to be in a position where impoliteness and arrogance to those less fortunate was justified because their addresses differed, or their clothing wasn’t branded, or they couldn’t pronounce English words correctly. Once you tasted the pleasures of being in the higher class, and once you surrounded yourself with genuinely educated people, the inferiority complex embedded within you slowly began to emerge, and you sought to suppress it though the only way you knew how, ego-boosting. Therefore, over the years, the astronomical amount of fees you charged all went into building the ultimate ego center, Kuri Campus. It has been made obvious that the only way it was possible for you to start out in a garage and end in the lavish Kuri Campus was through the exorbitant fees you charged parents. In addition to the fees you charged them, you not only interrogated them on their family background, their salaries, their vacation and residential locations but you also based decisions on hiring staff after the same interrogations. The staff and students who came from humble backgrounds you allowed in your school were looked down upon, were unappreciated and mocked for how they could not pronounce English words “Jalapeno.”
    Under the guise of a well-educated and refined widow, you complained endlessly about the flaws of our justice system, our government and of how lack of accountability enforced corruption. When finally initiatives to root out corruption began and Head Start was ordered by the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan to reduce fees by 20%, it seems as though you forgot your previous complaints and flat out refused, saying teachers would not be cared for and Head Start found itself on “collision course with a herd of wildebeest.” You issued a derogatory letter, ridiculed the good name of the SCP and against the writ of the state you became a party to reducing salaries, forcing resignations and unlawful terminations. Your love for money and status compelled you to fire school guards, gardeners, support staff as well as loyal staff who were with Head Start since its establishment. Many of the staff you fired were hired by Najib Murtaza, the man who is the reason you have a school to destroy in the first place and the man who you married out of love for his wealth and place in society as a sincere and patriotic Pakistani. After his death, all you have done is plant 300 flowers in the Kuri Campus, purchased expensive cars and houses and in your position of authority disallowed discounts to employees under the policy of “at the discretion of the CEO.” You have deprived those less fortunate around you of the basic right to be respected, stripped them of their livelihood and mocked them for thinking that they were worthy of sending their children to a school like Head Start while you carelessly cruise around in your LandCruiser, an unfeeling woman. You pay your lawyers hundreds of thousands of rupees to stand in court and justify your sickening actions, while that money be used in the salaries of the support staff, guards and loyal staff. Where your cruelty and injustice ends with your staff, it begins with the parents, on whose money your campuses are functioning, but more importantly on whose money your cars as well as your ego are being fuelled. One would expect you to adopt a kind and understanding tone with parents, but in recent emails to parents humble enough to admit their financial situation to you, you responded with an air of entitlement and a sense of false delusion as to the real parameters of your authority, to the extent that you have compared Head Start School to Serena Hotel. Perhaps it may have slipped your mind that Serena offers food while Head Start offers education to children and that Serena does not have the ability to silence parents, but Head Start has the ability to do so when one remembers their child’s education may be at stake. I am sorry to remind you that your authority does not encompass humiliating parents, it does not involve threatening them with the prospect of “rot setting in” and most certainly does not allow you to suggest your personal opinions on the state of our progressive county. If every decent person you know is migrating to Canada, it is baffling as to why you have not migrated, perhaps it is due to your knowledge that in Canada you will be unable to humiliate, mock and insult and will be busy in trading your self-respect to be approved by Canadian society. It pains me to be the one to remind you that out of the 7 billion in the world, you are not the only one with a grip on language nor the only one with an education. Certain individuals in your own school are superior to you in both moral and academic education, and unlike the staff who out of dependence remain silent to your disrespect, they do not. These individuals have voiced their opposition to your actions, because they will not be bystanders and it is unfathomable to you that people have the ability to remind you to look in the mirror. You are unable to digest the fact that for the first time someone has spoken up by their own will and have not been influenced by yours. You are unable to tolerate that some have the ability to oppose your morals and instead abide by the morals that favor humanity and not money. As the CEO of Head Start School, your compliance with the orders of the SCP may have been significant in boosting national pride, but it is a shame that you have disrespectfully defied the orders of the SCP and in doing so have trampled on the very name of Pakistan. Thus, in addition to being self-loving you also now find yourself in essence without the support of your country, and without a place to lean back on. I appeal to the relevant authorities that Naznin Murtaza not be granted visas to any other country on account of humiliating her own, and the construction of the H-11 campus be prevented on account of avoiding another center where class difference will be enforced. I Mist remind you that Pakistan has nourished you and your family, and it is on Pakistani soil that your campuses are built. At least out of courtesy for your deceased husband, who forbid his children to apply for foreign passports, think twice when speaking of your country? It has not been 10 years since your husband’s death and you have stepped on the road to defaming his legacy. His generosity and respect towards the less fortunate remains fresh in the minds of those he knew, and how quickly you have sought to create a class difference for the benefit of your own ego. If you are truly incompetent to provide quality education to scores of children, then we are compelled to ask ourselves, is Head Start really for us? Believe me, after the jaw-dropping reply you sent to the humble parent, it may not be long before others start asking themselves the same question. What with your unjust actions towards people, it is inevitable that you will be compelled into dependence and support, and in that moment you will realize how truly isolated you are. The reality is that you do not want to hear the truth because it will destroy your illusions, and that is when the real rot will begin to set in.

    • In this moment of utter disbelief and humility I would just like to correct some of the points your lengthy opinion has to offer. Firstly I hope that even as a parent, employee or likewise anyother you know both sides of the situation before speaking upon this matter. Mrs. Murtaza has made it her life’s work to further excel the foundation her late husband had created. The lavish kuri campus you have so arrogantly spoken about is built on many hard decisions, risks and is not just about the flowers, if I may add. Kuri represents much more than a huge acre of land, it was built with someones fatiguing work and a dream of a better institute. It is utterly ridiculous to outline someone’s life work as a business in mere seconds. Mrs. Murtaza, though has harshly written but has stated the bitter truth, that no individual feels concerned to hear. The Letters main point of presentation states,if I may add in my own words; that a owner cannot give if she or he himself is not in the financial state to do so. You kind Sir, do not know the matters at the hands of CEO, you do not understand the burden and responsibility of such an individual who is working to the best of her capabilities for the betterment of our children. I may not know the CEO as personally but no one has the right to link her current affairs and matters to her personal life. This is highly unprofessional of you to highlight her husbands death as the cause of her schools destruction in your self opinionated comment. As for the professional life of Naznin Murtaza, this is to which I must add how deeply it saddens me of the unjust and ill-judged image you have of her. She is not flawless just like you might not be, but is rather a person who tries to maintain a level of firmness and professionalism which is required to run an educational system, spread across the twin cities.
      Headstart is a school which is trying to steadily changefor the better. You again have no authority to mock Mrs.Murtaza about her changing ideology and behavior towards her religion. Want she intends to do and how to do it in her life is completely separate from how she is managing the affairs of her institute and this is called as behaving PROFFESIONALLY. Headstart was infamous for some of its actions but need I remind you, that the students came from such backgrounds and it was not the institution providing it for them. Mrs. Murtaza has been trying to change this infamous repo and is very successfully done so to the degree possible. As an individual monitoring activities within school, it is my right to correct the ill spoken words of some people.However, there are many aspects of your opinion regarding the letter and it’s facts, which are true but the tone and speech you have chosen to speak through is highly inappropriate and you have targeted Mrs. Murtaza personally.
      I would conclude on to the point you have highlighted about the quality of education. I assure you as a parent and as a part of the community I live in, that Headstart offers a decent and effective educational approach that an individual needs to acquire.I do not know which quality you have in mind, but the best qualified teachers alongside several assistants available throughout school timings and a welcoming environment, is best a private institute can do for our children.
      Just for clearance, how do expect an institute to run, if the fees are decreased to 20% alongside parents asking for even more based on their local jobs. The institutes have hired teachers which need to paid. This matter may results in staff members losing their jobs so that the owner can meet the financial needs of her school. So please consider the magnitude of our loss as a community over the gain, which in the big picture is minimal.

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