Hareem Shah Accuses Sheikh Rasheed Of Sharing Obscene Videos

Sheikh Rasheed Hareem Shah
Source: MM News

TikTok star, Hareem Shah, recently posted a video of Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed on a video call with her. In the contentious video, Hareem accuses him of sending her obscene content

In the video, Hareem Shah can be seen having a conversation with Sheikh Rasheed where she says “I have never revealed any secret of yours till now? Then why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

And then she continues to accuse him of sending her obscene videos.

This is the video that Hareem posted on Thursday in which she is seen having a video chat with Sheikh Rasheed.


After receiving massive criticism on social media, Hareem Shah posted another video requesting people to get off her back. She further added that, “I have better things to do than try to humiliate others.”


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There has been no word from Sheikh Rasheed eversince the video came to light. While the intentions behind this leaked video may not be clear yet but it is of no shock how an important issue that was trending yesterday got sidelined by yet another leaked video.

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Here’s hoping that as we enter the New Year, we put behind this filthy trend of blackmailing others using videos made in a private space.