3 Reasons Why Gillette’s TVC Is Already The Advertisement Of The Year!

Gillette's TVC
Image Source: Info Wars

Gillette’s TVC has been making waves all over the world since its release yesterday. Calling out the culture of toxic masculinity, the brand uses its tagline creatively to question if this is the best a man can get. Marking the onset of #MeToo movement as a moment of reflection for men, the TVC highlights the violent and sexist behavior of men which continues to cause harm to the people around them but is still thought of as completely normal.

Addressing bullying, sexual harassment, objectification of women and mansplaining, the ad then descends into glimpses of real-life examples where men can be seen in vulnerable, empathetic and supportive roles. The narrator then urges men to challenge themselves, to do better and only then they can be the best version of themselves.

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The advertisement has so far received polarized responses where a big chunk has applauded Gillette’s efforts to start an important dialogue. Contrary to this, there are men who have taken offense by the video for “attacking men.”

I, on the other hand, believe that Gillette’s TVC is one of the most momentous and timely advertisement to have come out in the last 5 to 10 years. Here, I present my case!

It’s Brave!

Gillette is a brand of razors and other shaving tools and the majority of its target market comprises men. Even then the company didn’t hesitate in taking the risk of offending its target market, just to put through a message as necessary as calling out toxic masculinity. Therefore, it is very brave of Gillette to venture into something that could backfire and cause business loss.

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And if we look at the internet, the TVC has triggered many men against the product who are now threatening to boycott Gillette. One big name to come out marching against the one-and-a-half video that gives a bitter reality check is Piers Morgan. The naive male chauvinist believes that we should let the boys be boys and shouldn’t bother.


Definitely, such strong reaction from a blue ticked account will only have an adverse effect on the brand’s reputation but Gillette crushing all these fragile egos to put across this message is an act of courage that deserves to be appreciated.

2. No Razors On Screen!

If you have watched all the previous Gillette ads, you wouldn’t find a single video that doesn’t feature men using razors to shave off their beards. However, this is probably the only ad of the brand that makes a conscious effort to take away the focus from the product to the cause.

Thus, for the first time, we can see Gillette putting aside product placement and making an ad that is wholly dedicated to a strong behavior change message instead of selling any item.

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In doing so, the ad also emphasizes that there’s so much more to being a man than just getting a shave right or appearing macho and the fact that looking sharp doesn’t make up for despicable behavior. BAMM! In your face misogyny!!!

3. No Objectification! No Sexism!

Again, if you have seen previous ads of Gillette, you would know that most of the clips have handsome clean-shaved men and women being objectified right, left and center! Watch this one for example.

Also, in every ad of Gillette’s products for male, we can see men going around, conquering the world and making it all happen.

On the contrary, women are reduced to mere objects of desire in this Gillette commercial for female customers. It’s like women are meant to lie on the beach half-naked while men run the world!

With such a track record, when Gillette comes up with an ad that has no objectification, no gender roles expectations, and no sexism, it should only be hailed as the advertisement of the year.

It goes on to show how brands need to learn from their mistakes and rework their strategies to adapt to a rather WOKE world!

Here’s hoping that the men around you go into introspection instead of taking offense after watching the ad!

And for all those who are wondering why I am all praise for this Gillette’s TVC, here, you watch it for yourself and find out!