From Severe Corporal Punishment To Rote Learning, Rameen & Zamrood’s Revelations Of Issues Plaguing Girls’ Education In Pakistan Are An Eye Opener

issues in girls education
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Two school girls, Rameen Saeed and Zamrood Zia’Ullah appeared on the sixth episode of the podcast, Let’s Talk Education where they discussed issues that girls in Pakistan have to face while seeking education.

The episode started off on a light note where the host, Hisham Khan asked them about their aspirations, hobbies, and what they wanted to do in life. The two of them had interesting answers to the questions. It is also worth mentioning here that both of them were super confident throughout the entire episode.

Balochistan and Its Education System’s Capacity To Deal With Unprecedented Situations

The moderator, Hisham Khan then steered the conversation to some hard-hitting topics. He asked Zamrood’s perspective on the education system in Pakistan.

To this, Zamrood, a student of grade 9, from Khuzdar Balochistan stated that her province did not have the capacity to deal with a situation like COVID-19. All the students in her vicinity had to stay indoors for nine months without a means to education. They did not have access to the internet or any other technological devices through which they could have continued taking their classes online.

She then spoke about the importance of upgrading education systems from time to time, so that the students can fly high and aim for the stars as the kids of the rest of the world.

Time for Government to Step Up Its Game and Put an End to the Cramming Culture

Sharing her thoughts on the flaws of the education system in Pakistan, ten-year-old Rameen said that the students must be given a chance to nurture their talents. By that, she meant the government must put an end to the ratta culture, and shift the focus on some actual learning.

She said that the concept of cramming is extremely wrong and the school children do not get to learn anything at the end of the day.

Corporal Punishment and Rote Learning

The grade nine student then went on to discuss other problems that she had to face as a student. Zamrood said that other than the shortage of electricity and water in schools, the students were also overburdened with homework. Every day, at school and at home, the students have to complete assignments and they don’t have any time to hone their soft skills. On top of that, students are hit with dandas if they don’t complete their tasks on time.

Profession has nothing to do with Gender

By the end of the podcast, Rameen said that profession has nothing to do with gender, and women can build a career in any field that they want to. She said that we have examples of people like Marie Curie that tell us women can achieve anything if they put their minds to it. We only need to push them and facilitate them in ways that encourage them to do better each day.

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