Editor of Newsweek Pakistan, Fasih Ahmed Is Cracking Jokes About Rape And They’re NOT Funny!

Editor of Newsweek Pakistan, Fasih Ahmed Is Cracking Jokes About Rape And They're NOT Funny!

The editor of Newsweek Pakistan, Fasih Ahmed went on a tweeting spree last evening, cracking distasteful jokes about rape. His disturbing tweets referred to child sexual abuse in general and the Zainab murder case in particular.



Given that Fasih Ahmed is the editor of a reputable international publication and an active Twitterati with a sizable following, many thought his account had been hacked.

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However, he confirmed that his account had not been hacked and that he himself was responsible for the disgraceful Twitter rant.


Needless to say, Fasih’s callous comments were hit back with vengeance by Twitterati, not only from Pakistan but across the world.


His utterly disgusting tweets making light of sexual violence and rape did not stop there. When confronted, he casually responded with this tweet.


For reasons better known to them a few people came out to justify Fasih Ahmed’s inexcusable behaviour.

Despite the handful of supporters, most people were in no mood to pardon Fasih Ahmed’s insensitive, paedophilic tweets.

Following the social media outcry, Newsweek (international) sent out a tweet distancing itself from Fasih Ahmed and his thoughts on rape.

Last evening, Fasih did come up with an apology but it’s too little, too late.

There is absolutely no room for people – no matter how high profile – who make a crime as gruesome as rape a subject of jokes.

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There is nothing funny about anyone – man, woman, transgender person, adult or child – to be sexually violated. There is certainly no art in child sexual abuse and being raped by a high profile Hollywood celebrity does not make the episode any less criminal or traumatic.

From all of us at Bolo Jawan: shame on you, Fasih Ahmed!