Dr. Shahid Masood Lied On Live Television And Pakistan Wants Him Banned

Dr. Shahid Masood lied on live television
Source: NewsOne

With emotions running high in the aftermath of the Zainab murder case, Pakistanis are in a very unforgiving mood. From calls of public hanging of the murderer to the outrage that welcomed Newsweek Pakistan’s editor, Fasih Ahmed for making callous rape jokes, the citizens mean business.

Sensationalism, lies and yellow journalism that attract ratings but never the wrath of the common people seem like a big NO when it comes to justice for 7 year old Zainab.

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Perhaps underestimating how personally invested every Pakistani is in the Zainab murder case, Dr. Shahid Masood went live on television a couple of days ago claiming that her murderer had 39 bank accounts with foreign transactions. Dr. Shahid Masood lied on live television – or made an “unintentional mistake” as he now claims – with immense confidence. He even went as far as to say that he had evidence to back his claim and that he would submit the same in the court of law.

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Following Dr. Shahid Masood’s claims, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shebaz Sharif directed an inquiry into the matter.

As it turned out, the State Bank of Pakistan issued a response yesterday, proving the claims made by Dr. Shahid Masood as lies.

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An angry Talat Hussain tweeted the State Bank’s response, directing undiluted disgust towards his colleague.

Dr. Shahid Masood had been summoned by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to submit evidence supporting his claims. However, – and this is only an obvious conclusion – Dr. Shahid Masood lied, he did not appear before the JIT.

The Government of Punjab has also issued a legal notice to the anchorperson for misguiding the public.

As reported by Express Tribune, Dr. Shahid Masood, responding to the avalanche of rage directed towards him said that investigation of a crime was not his responsibility and that it was the government’s job to ascertain the authenticity of a news item.

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Enraged that Dr. Shahid Masood lied on live television so shamelessly, playing with the sentiments of the masses for mere ratings, Pakistanis across the board are demanding that the anchorperson be banned.


The common citizens are not the only ones who’re up set with the anchorperson. Journalists, too, seem positively indignant.

#BanShahidMasood is the top Twitter trend in Pakistan today and from all that we’ve heard and read, for good reason. The big question is: whether we will seriously follow-up against yellow journalism or allow the furor to die in a few days, giving a clean chit to Dr. Shahid Masood and others like him?