DJ Butt Arrested But Don’t Let The Music Die!

DJ Butt Arrested
DJ Butt Arrested

In a shocking turn of events the once blue-eyed boy of PTI, DJ Butt was arrested in Lahore just days before the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) opposition rally in Lahore.

So who is DJ Butt?

Muhammad Asif a.k.a DJ Butt, is a DJ who gained fame during PTI’s 2014 infamous 126 days’ sit-in in Islamabad.

This is not the first time DJ Butt has been arrested as he was also arrested during the 2014 sit-in. This arrest was strongly condemned by now Premier and then opposition leader Imran Khan.

And yes, there is a tweet to this!

PTI’s official Twitter account had also condemned Butt’s 2014 arrest.

How it Started VS How it’s Going

With the irony of the arrest begging to be acknowledged, it was but natural for the “How it started vs how it’s going,” comparisons to flood social media.

A 2-minute video of DJ Butt also surfaced where he is seen venomously resisting his arrest.

Apparently, DJ Butt was in the washroom when the policemen stormed in to pick him.

I really want to debate the gross violation of human dignity here but first, someone please help me get rid of the mental image of DJ Butt doing his business that’s constantly haunting me!

What are the charges against DJ Butt?

Now there seems to be a degree of confusion on what exactly are the charges against DJ Butt as there have been conflicting reports in this regard.

Some reports suggest that Butt was arrested for violating COIVD-19 SOPS.

Case in point is a tweet from HUM News anchor, Shiffa Yousafzai defending PM Imran Khan’s 2014 tweet.

However, it seems that DJ Butt has been charged with (and I swear we are not making this up!) for the violation of the Sound System Act (????!!!!) and for possession of an illegal firearm.

To be fair these do seem like botched up charges and this arrest will give PDM members good reason to damage the reputation of the Government.

But as is the case with all things political 👇

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