American Filmmaker Cynthia Ritchie Hurled Abuse At Pakistani Journalist Raza Rumi & Twitter Went Crazy!


Cynthia D. Ritchie is probably the latest name who is adding to the insanity on Pakistani twitter. The American filmmaker seems unusually invested in validating any arguable policy or move of the new government and hence, has garnered a lot of attention among Pakistani Twitterati.

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However, the most recent episode of Cynthia-making-headlines happened on the very first day of the new year when the influencer had a major meltdown upon reading a Daily Times article. The piece discussed Cynthia’s opinion on the treatment of minorities in Pakistan.

Then, Cynthia Ritchie took it up a notch by using a classic abuse word prevalent in South Asia and warned the media house that they are f****ing with the wrong bi**h!

But all hell broke loose when she hurled abuse at a Pakistani journalist, Raza Rumi.

Cynthia Ritchie
Image Source: Twitter

The thread didn’t sit well with some of the readers and people had all sorts of reaction!

And just when we thought that the spat was over, many Pakistanis came to Cynthia Ritchie’s rescue.

Things took an interesting turn when out of nowhere Farhan Virk, the famous social media manager for PTI, took to Twitter to defend his fellow Pakistani, Raza Rumi.

Not always on the same side of the spectrum, Farhan Virk defending Raza Rumi added more madness to the frivolous argument.

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Although Cynthia Ritchie apologized to Raza Rumi for using foul language and the latter accepted it as well, things became only sourer between the former and Virk after a failed attempt of truce, giving way to another entertainer, “Cynthia vs Virk.”

Despite this, #WeSupportCynthia started trending in Pakistan last night. Here’s what people tweeted with the hashtag.

That said, what won the internet were these tweets which perfectly described the hilarity of the moment.

While it remains a mystery if Cynthia Ritchie is part of any bigger plan or not, we cannot deny the fact that the whole spat is bizarre yet hysterical. It’s the ultimate fireworks that we had been waiting for this new year and we can only thank these personalities for the free entertainment.

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