Coronavirus Outbreak Pakistan: Every Case Is To Be Taken Seriously Before It Gets Out Of Hands

Coronavirus Outbreak Pakistan | coronavirus pakistan
Source: Khaleej Times

The total number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have reached 94 after 41 people were tested positive on Monday. This is the highest number reported in the country in a single day.

Zafar Mirza took to Twitter to announce that the government has increased the capacity to carry out coronavirus test in Pakistan. According to the Special Assistant to PM on health, 13 labs in the country are equipped for the test.

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But despite the increasing exponential growth of coronavirus cases in Pakistan, people are still reporting negligence on the part of hospitals.

Many have come forward to report that in spite of having the Covid-19 symptoms, hospitals are returning them without being tested.

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As per the details, health centres are returning suspected patients on the grounds of not having a travel history.

Here it is to be noted that Pakistan has already reported its first locally contracted case of the deadly virus in Karachi.

In a pandemic like this, the sloppiness on the part of authorities is reckless. The health centres need to take every suspected case seriously. The government should ensure that there is aggressive screening. Because as learned from other countries, even slightest negligence can leave everyone at the hands of the deadly virus.

And the private labs are charging around Rs.8000 for the test, which an average Pakistani cannot afford.

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Local Testing Kits

While there has been a local testing kit developed by researchers at NUST in collaboration with Wuhan Institute of Virology China, DZIF Germany, Columbia University USA and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) Rawalpindi. The kits have been effectively tested in laboratory and patient sample. According to the reports, the kits will be available in the market soon at one-fourth the price of imported kits.