BTS Calls Out James Corden Over His Insensitive Remarks to ARMY

BTS Calls Out James Corden Over His Insensitive Remarks to ARMY
Source: BBC

On The Late Late Show, BTS called out the talk show host James Corden over calling their fans “15-year-olds.” And ARMYs worldwide are thrilled by this actions!

On November 24, the pop group BTS made their first live appearance at The Late Late Show after two years. The group had arrived for their US tour and had attended the AMAs a few days ago. They had even taped a performance of their English Permission To Dance for the Show. Needless to say,

The boys were just chatting up with the host James Corden during the segment. And the host had just greeted them when group leader RM calmly replies, “How about you? You have been in some hot water with ARMYs?”

The host turned red laughed back at his question. After realising that even the audience was eager to know, Corden began to explain himself. He says that on that day, he prepared two jokes on the episode where he talked about BTS’ UN Summit speech. He admits that he called their fans “15-year-olds” while pointing out that he is their fan at 43 years of age. But then goes on to explain how he got death threats from the fans for that remark on Twitter.

He doesn’t finish his statement when RM politely says, “We appreciate your apology.” The audience starts cheering while he and Corden shake hands as a sign of truce. But ARMY soon began talking about this segment, causing it to trend worldwide. Many were appreciative of RM’s words.

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While this exchange sounded harmless enough, there was a reason why fans had taken up issue with Corden

A few months ago, BTS had given a speech at the United Nations and had even performed their single Permission to dance at the US. While talking about the boys’ latest achievement, Corden remarked about how the fans being “15-year-old girls” were wishing that they could be working at the UN. ARMY felt hurt over his comments, especially since he was one of the few TV hosts who would not badmouth them or use them as clout for TV ratings. A lot of fans made their feelings clear about it on social media.

While sending death threats was clearly wrong, ARMY was understandably hurt by Corden. while it does consist of young teenage women, ARMY fandom consists of all ages, nationalities and genders. It is quite common to see even people in their 20s being avid fans of BTS.

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BTS ARMY has been insulted and been made fun of by international media

Ever since BTS became popular, US media has been writing disparaging about their success. While they would provide racist comments about the boys, they would also put down their fans. Many international publications have insulted the fans for liking them. Either they would be called “bots” for streaming their songs on Spotify or they have been ridiculed for their enthusiasm. Some of these comments even took an uglier turn, when publications would downright insult them without consequences.

Such comments have enabled men to harrass the fans, particularly young girls, for liking them. In Bangladesh, a man had filmed a video of himself harrassing an ARMY on the streets. And just a few months ago, a Pakistani BTS ARMY was also sent death threats by people who tore down a poster of the boys in Faisalabad too.

Corden’s remarks only felt painful as it reminded ARMY of their trauma.

Such types of jokes only served as a fresh way to remember the past insults ARMY endured. It is one thing to poke fun at someone for being a fan, but it’s quite another to relentlessly insult them for it. RM’s remark was welcome precisely because the fans felt that there were being protected. Calling out Corden gave ARMY a safety they never knew.

BTS ARMY may be everywhere but they are one of the nicest and passionate fans out there. If you don’t like someone for liking BTS, it’s fine. But that in no way means that you insult and disregard them. Let them listen to BTS songs if they are not saying anything to you. It is quite sad that in this age, we insult those for liking things outside the norm. One can have a difference of opinion without hurting others. And, just in case, BTS will always call you out for it.