Answer Some Random Questions And We’ll Reveal A Bad Habit Of Yours

Bad Habit Quiz
Source: Pinterest & Pro Paksitani

This quiz will reveal a bad habit of yours, all you have to do is answer some random questions. Take this quiz to find out now!

Pick a Pakistani celebrity.

Hania Aamir

Pick a Pakistani movie.

Karachi Se Lahore
Parwaaz Hai Junoon

Pick a color.

Navy blue

Pick a design.


Pick a random image.

Random Images
Random Images

Pick an ice cream flavor.

Chocolate Icecream
Strawberry Icecream
Vanilla Ice-cream

Pick a Pakistani dish.


iPhone or Android?

Android vs iOS

Pick a Pakistani dessert.

gulab jamun

Nutella or Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter

Answer Some Random Questions And We'll Reveal A Bad Habit Of Yours
Not taking care of yourself.

Biting your nails, watching too much TV/YouTube, and not brushing your teeth. All of these actions indicate that you are not worried about your well-being. Learn about the harmful impacts of these habits and make an effort to avoid them.
Not dealing with your problems.


You should reflect on the last several weeks if any events had a negative impact on you? If so, make sure you discover solutions to issues rather than just trying to ignore them.
Eating lots of junk food!

Sorry to say, but you consume far too much food. You frequently skip breakfast and prefer to have snacks for lunch. Your meal consists of way too many courses. What about the sweets? Yummy, right? But what about your health?

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