All You Gotta Do Is Be Social On Social Media To Excel In These 6 Fields

social media fields | Mahira Khan
Source: Reviewit

There is no denying that social media has emerged to be one of the most powerful tools of the 21st century, triumphing over conventional media in many aspects. It is more widespread, interconnected and has a larger audience than any conventional form of media.

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Let’s take a look at these 6 fields in which Social Media is playing a prominent role!

1. Education

Social Media is an innovation in the field of education. Students can connect with experts on the matters related to their academic career. They can access lectures present on YouTube, Facebook and other social sites at their own convenience.


2. Career

It helps students in research purposes and in finding prospects for work and career (such as LinkedIn). One doesn’t have to go from place to place holding CV in hand; all you gotta do is just be active on social media and the opportunities will be right at front.


3. E-Commerce

Products marketed to a specific audience according to their preferences has seen more success than any conventional form of advertising and all thanks to social media.

Social media has undoubtedly increased outputs of businesses manifolds. From textile to tech to banking, everything can be done at the ease of just a few clicks.


4. Journalism

With smartphones in hand and social media as their outlet, every citizen can be a journalist. News can develop and travel faster with this media as different sources can confirm what the actual story is. There also lies a risk of propaganda and fake news, so users have to be very careful while using the medium for news consumption.


5. Social Justice

Social media provides a platform for people to raise their voice against any injustice or to report a certain problem to the authorities if it goes unnoticed.

There have been numerous incidents of social justice by raising awareness through social media like rampant child abuse cases in Kasur, Jami vs Dawn and many more.


6. Entertainment

Whether it’s just scrolling down through posts, tagging your friends in memes and funny videos or the informative ones; one can always relax with social media and have a good laugh after a long day.