#APC2020: Youthiyas & Patwaris Are Having A Meme War & Some Of Them Are Actually Hilarious

apc memes
via Twitter

On Sunday, opposition parties gathered in Islamabad for the much hyped All Parties Conference (APC) to put forth their demands and pressurize the PTI-led government.

If you’re bored already then don’t worry! We’re not here for all the newsy stuff!

We bring for you the best memes from the on-going Twitter war after APC 2020 to brighten up your Monday morning!

1. Did you guys miss the all important lesson? One thing we know for sure is that youthias were high in attendance…

2. When it’s been a while since you messed with someone online!

3. In case you were wondering what PDM would look like:

4. When all your enemies befriend each other!

5. Meanwhile, Imran Khan keeping his chill or so the PTI-walas would like to think…

6. It’s all about the bro code!


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7. Oh, and meet the two new best friends!

8. Just catching up on the movies, you know!

9. Or maybe not…?

10. The background in the conference was just for the aesthetics! Here’s a BTS photo:

11. O yikes! No one wants a repetition of the Altaf bhai days!

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12. That’s a COVID-19 SOP I did not know about…


13. This picture was quite a hit with the meme-makers!

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